How to Add a Youtube Video Time Stamp

Learn how to add time stamps on YouTube to help viewers navigate and find specific parts of your video easily. Improve your SEO and enhance user exper

How to Add a YouTube Video Time Stamp

How to Add a Youtube Video Time Stamp
How to Add a Youtube Video Time Stamp

Youtube Video Time Stamp - Have you ever seen a youtube video display like the picture above? It is a YouTube video segment or time stamp.

Adding a time stamp link on a youtube video is the easiest way to help viewers navigate videos to watch certain parts of the video.

In this article we will discuss how to add a time stamp on YouTube for optimize SEO YouTube.

What is a time stamp on YouTube?

The YouTube video segment or feature timestamp divides the video into sections and provides a separate preview for each part of the Youtube video that we upload.

When viewers click on a time stamp, they are automatically directed directly to the part of the video that is linked to the time stamp.

With this time stamp it allows users to view videos quickly and easily to get the information they are looking for without having to watch the entire video.
How to Add a time stamp on YouTube?
The easiest way we can take advantage of the youtube automatic video segment feature when downloading videos through YouTube Studio, or adding video segments manually for each video that is downloaded.

Adding a time stamp manually can use the YouTube sharing option in the Browser or write it down 

How to Add a time stamp on YouTube Videos Alone

  1. Login to YouTube Studio
  2. On the left menu, select Content
  3. Click the video you want to edit
  4. In section Description, add a list of time stamps and titles
  5. Make sure the first time stamp you listed starts with 00:00 - description
  6. To add another time stamp you just write below in sequence
  7. The minimum duration of a video segment is 10 seconds
  8. Click SAVE
To make a time stamp collided youtube comments are the same, writing uses the time format 00:00:00 (hours:minute:seconds).

How to Add a time stamp on the YouTube Video URL

  1. Open the YouTube video that you want to share the time stamp URL
  2. Click "Share" and click the check box that says Start on X:XX
  3. Write down the video time to share
  4. For example, here we will add a special time stamp at 2:14
  5. Finally, click the COPY button


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